We have a really unique team

and this is the only way we can continuously develop our hotel


Yes, we know that all that glitters isn’t gold. And we don’t even have much gold anymore. We’re more about cool anthracite in colours to match our 500-year-young monastery walls, a casual combination of ancient wood and innovative lighting design, state-of-the-art technology behind old doors once used by monks and noblemen, Lederhosen and dirndl with cool sneakers, crazy paintings in trendy rooms. There is so much more to say about our passion for the unique mix of tradition and modernity.

And on the subject of uniqueness: How about walking through the cloisters at night, through 500 years of history, by the light of over 500 candles? Or through the 500-year-young wine cellar? Past the 500-year-young stone walls of the Klosterhof? As you can see, we really like the number 500.


There are many other facts that make working at Klosterbräu younique

  • 90 rooms and suites
  • 3,500 m2 spa area
  • 7 themed saunas and relaxation areas
  • 9 restaurants and dinner locations
  • 150,000 m2 hotel garden and Pfarrhügel with places for regeneration
  • Over 50 indoor and outdoor activities with personal guides
  • The hotel’s own steakhouse with at least 50% vegetarian/vegan dishes
  • In-house brewery

Plus there are many other benefits for you to enjoy during the eleven months that we are open.


Our hotel is full of tradition and modernity. Our monastery walls have been standing for over 500 years. We have been known as one of the most legendary families in Tyrol for over 200 years. Our 6th generation is now running the Klosterbräu & Spa. There are 8 family members and the younger ones are now playing an active role in the hotel. We are passionate about being hosts. We live for our unique guests. We love what we do – every single day.


By the way: We are among the best in the Falstaff Professional Employer Check with 98 points. What is our recipe for success? Find out more here.


Award of the "Excellent Tyrolean Training Organisation" quality seal

The award stands for high-quality trainee programmes. The Hotel Klosterbräu is now one of 221 excellent training companies throughout Tyrol. The 'Excellent Tyrolean Training Company' award is given to companies that make an excellent effort to provide dual training. In order to receive this award, the companies must meet strict criteria - for example, they must have the organisation and equipment required for training and have been successfully training apprentices for a long period of time.

For me, tradition means preserving the fire, not worshipping the ashes. (Alois) - Be kind. Always. Because your act of kindness can bring a life changing difference into someone else's day. (Agnes)


Alois & Agnes Seyrling , Director and host with passion

I am very proud that the hotel has stood for warm hospitality for generations.

Midi Seyrling , Klosterbräu Legend

The best thing for me is that we get on so well as a family, both professionally and privately.

Cristina Seyrling, "La Mamma"

My favourite place in the hotel is the new yoga room. Especially when I get to practise yoga there with guests and staff.

Laura Seyrling-Rieß

My motto in life is "Family, the perfect mix of CHAOS & LOVE."

Linda Seyrling

When I walk through the hotel, I'm most pleased to see that everything works and is in good condition. =)

Wolfgang Rieß , Operating Director

I am very proud that the hotel has stood for warm hospitality for generations.

Clemens Seidenberger , Cousin & Active Guide

My favourite place in the hotel is in the straw with the animals. And of course on the hotel's estate, where the power of this place is so obvious and the richness of nature so experienceable. This wealth is our greatest good.

Nadine Albrecht , Grand cousin, farmer & one with Mother Earth