You are different – you are unique.
You are younique and this is the right place for you.
We love people with a mind of their own.
We value experience more than what’s on your CV.
We value technical expertise but we care more that your heart is in the right place.
We are all about creating and maintaining a team that is more like a family.

We believe that you have the right qualities and your younique talents are just right for us at Klosterbräu. Because you are as unique as the hotel that we, the Seyrling family, have been running for over 200 years.
We would say to you:


YOUNIQUE® is our heart and mind, it’s our philosophy and represents the unbreakable bond between uniqueness and individuality. We apply our philosophy not just to our guests but also to our staff.

If you bring your passion to our team and delight us with your talents, you will be welcomed by over 125 Younique colleagues. Working together, laughing together and overcoming challenges together is what makes us.

What does YOUNIQUE mean to you?

It means that everyone can use and show their talents.


Ms. Oana , Reception & Shop

What makes your job with us so YOUNIQUE?

It is varied, teaches me a lot, and the selection of products is incredible. Plus, I learn a lot from my colleagues.


Mr. Felix , Kitchen

What does YOUNIQUE mean to you?

Hospitality that comes straight from the heart


Mr. Daniel Wolf , Reception Manager

Why are you working at the Klosterbräu?

Because of the varied work. You need technical knowledge in all areas: electricity, heating, IT, pools, ...


Mr. Daniel Lukic , Technology

What does YOUNIQUE mean to you?

Meeting new guests every day and experiencing new activities and adventures together with them.


Mr. Thomas Otto , Active Guide

What makes your job with us so YOUNIQUE?

It changes from day to day and is incredibly varied. No day is like the other.


Mr. Herbert , Restaurant

Why are you working at the Klosterbräu?

Because of the interesting tasks, the variety of the fields of activity, the independent work, the colleagues, the fantastic guests, the wonderful partners …


Mr. Thomas Eichholzer , F&B Manager

What does YOUNIQUE mean to you?

Creativity and diversity. We don’t need to work according to recipe XY, instead, we can let our creativity roam free and serve our guests what their heart desires.


Mr. Sascha , Kitchen

What does YOUNIQUE mean to you?

Fulfilling the guests’ wishes before they have expressed them, coupled with natural cordiality


Ms. Katharina , Reception

The monastery flair had already enchanted me during my apprenticeship and so, after many years, I returned. I appreciate the good cooperation with the host family and the wonderful colleagues.


Ms. Petra Wimmer , Reservation Manager

No two days are the same. New, individual questions from the guests come up every day and we try to answer them. That’s why boredom is unknown here.


Ms. Sylvia , Reservation

It is the team spirit and the good and positive atmosphere that move me. And that new ideas are always being implemented, more than anywhere else.

Mr. Julius , Chef

I am here at Klosterbräu because it gives me the opportunity to work in paradise. I mediate between animals and humans and try to bring people closer to nature.

Mrs. Nadine , Farmer


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